Cat Exam Previous year question paper


CAT Exam Previous year question paper with solution 

You will find 20 management entrance examinations held in India where the Common Admission Test (CAT) is regarded as the most sought after. After cracking CAT, one is eligible to secure admission in top B-schools such as the 13 IIMs (Indian Institute of Management).

With the introduction of the Common Admission Test in 1984, through the years, the management entrance examination underwent multiple alterations. Earlier, the test was conducted in paper and pencil mode, which switched to computer-based or online mode from 2009.

CAT 2017 SHIFT 1

CAT 2017 SHIFT 2

CAT 2018 SHIFT 1

CAT 2018 SHIFT 2

CAT 2019 SHIFT 1

CAT 2019 SHIFT 2

CAT 2020 SHIFT 1

CAT 2020 SHIFT 2

CAT 2020 SHIFT 1

years together with their solution .  These CATquestion papers with PDFs can assist the CAT candidate to prepare effectively for the upcoming examination.  It is necessary to get an summary of the examination and its pattern.   

CAT examination is a prerequisite for entry into various courses  of the IIMs and other prestigious B-Schools throughout the nation.  The CAT has considered among the toughest and most competitive assessments in the united states as many MBA candidates from throughout the country appear for the examination each year.

So, just the selected few candidates are invited for the assembly to various institutes on the basis of these marks that they scored in the examination.  The Internet CAT examination consists of 100 questions from three sections: 

The candidates are needed to fix the questions from the given 180 minutes.  The examination has a sectional time and also the candidates need to clear the minimum cut-offs to qualify for the consecutive rounds in IIMs.  Cracking the CAT examination gets simpler if a suitable preparation program is strategized accordingly.  Besides this CAT Mock Tests, the candidates are expected to fix the CAT previous year papers to get familiar with the forms, problems, and routine of their questions. 

These CAT question newspapers are incredibly powerful to enhance the preparation and raise the confidence level of their candidates.  The issue level in CAT 2021, however, might vary.  Candidates may check under the CAT examination pattern 2021.  

When to Start Practicing CAT Query Papers? 

Particulars Sections CAT Question Paper 2021: Exam Pattern Candidates should start solving the CAT query papers or CAT sample question papers as soon as they complete the syllabus of any 1 section or earlier too.  When a candidate is starting everything from scratch, then it’s suggested to have a peek at the CAT query  question papers.  This is to be able to receive knowledge regarding the evaluation routine of CAT.  However one shouldn’t start solving them before preparation since it won’t prove profitable.  

Thus, first finish the CAT 2021 syllabus and make certain you’re well versed with the formulae and theorems.Ideal period to start solving them will be three weeks before the CAT examination. Some toppers even try up to 80 mock evaluations.  CAT Exam Pattern varies frequently and the perfect way to acquire a feeling of this CAT Syllabus will be to go through the CAT question papers of the latest years.   

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