IBPS PO SALARY 2020: PO In-hand Salary

IBPS PO SALARY 2020: PO In-hand Salary

IBPS PO SALARY – IBPS PO is such a test for which millions of candidates work hard. One of the factors enticing these candidates is the salary of banks coming under the IBPS PO. Not only wages, but also facilities, allowances etc. There are some factors that encourage students to work hard for this exam. The salary of the IBPS PO candidate varies very differently and it depends on the location of posting because candidates posted in urban cities get more HRA than the candidate posted in semi-urban cities. Chit has just issued a notification for IBPS PO recruitment, in such a way we will provide you all the information related to IBPS Po Salary here. Here we will learn about Basic Salary, In-Hand Salary, with the other features and benefits. Let’s take a look at its job profiles and pay.

IBPS Po Basic Pay: Basic Pay for IBPS PO (according to 10th Bipartite Settlement) 23700 – (980 x 7) – 30560 – (1145 x 2) – 32850 – (1310 x 7) – 42020. IBPS Po’s Basic Salary 30,560 rupees after 7 years; 7 + 22,850 rupees; 7 + 2 + 7 years after Rs 42,020 is.

IBPS Bank PO Salary Structure 2020

Basic Pay23,700
Special Allowance1,836.75
Total (without HRA)36,570.38
Gross with HRA38,703.38

The IBPS PO officer’s salary has time to facilitate increment, which has been given

Increment PercentageBasic PayGross Salary

We are providing you details written in the IBPS Probationary Officer Salary Slip. You can see this step to consider the deposit amount about the salary of an IBPS PO:

ibps po salary

A candidate selected as an IBPS PO gets great allowances along with a handsome salary and some of them are mentioned below with explanation:

IBPS PO Basic PayRs 23700/- ( There are Increment that are done  in 4 stages)Salary after 1st Increment- Rs. 30560/- 
Salary after 2nd Increment-Rs. 32850/-
Salary after 3rd Increment- Rs. 42020/-
House Rent Allowances( H.R.A)7%-9% of the basic pay
Dearness Allowance (D.A)39.8% of the Basic Pay
City Compensatory Allowance (CCA)3% or 4%(depending on the place of posting)
Special Allowance (S.A)7.75% of the basic pay

IBPS PO House Rent Alliance (HRA): House Rent Alliance varies according to the place of posting and usually 9.0% or 8.0% or 7.0 of the original salary based on the type of cities (i.e., metros, big cities or other places) % It happens.

IBPS PO Dear Allowance (DA): IBPS PO offers dearness allowance (DA) to its officers and it is given as a percentage of employees (in January 2016, it was approximately 39.8% of the original salary). This inflation is modified in every three months based on the All India Consumer Price Index data published by the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation of the Government of India.

IBPS PO Special Allowance (SA): This allowance has recently been added to salary and it is approximately 7.75% of the original salary. It has been implemented from 01.01.2016.
IBPS PO City Compenser Allowance: It varies according to the city and depending on the type of city, it can be 0%, 3% or 4%.

There are some other allowances of the IBPS Probationary Officer such as: Travel allowance, newspaper reimbursement, medical assistance, benefits under the new pension scheme. If we mix the whole, then the salary will be 35,000+ rupees.

Career Growth has many opportunities near candidates working on this post. Regarding matters of promotion policy, banks follow the same guidelines issued by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. There are two channels in terms of promotion i.e. merit channel and general channel.

Promotional Channels
JMGS I (Junior Management Grade Scale I) Officary Officers in the Officer or Banks, 23700 Rs. From 42020 rs. it happens.

Salaries and other facilities also increases with the Growth of Probationary Officer:
Mmgs II (Middle Management Grade Scale II): Between 31705 to 45950
Mmgs II (Middle Management Grade Scale III): Between 42020 to 51490
SMGS IV (Senior Management Grade Scale Iv): Between 50030 to 59170.
SMGS V (Senior Management Grade Scale V): Between 59170 to 66070.

Frequently Asked Questions: IBPS PO Salary

Q. What is the basic salary of IBPS Po?
Ans Basic salary is 23700 / -.

Q. Is IBPS PO Pay more than RBI Grade-B official?
Ans.Tibps PO’s salary is a little less than the salary of RBI Grade-B officer.

Q. What is the selection process of IBPS PO?
Ans Prelims, Mains and Interview in three steps.

Q. What is the IBPS PO exam hard?
Ans IBPS Po is one of the most competitive exams, but with the right start you can easily crack it.

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IBPS PO SALARY 2020: PO In-hand Salary
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IBPS PO SALARY 2020: PO In-hand Salary
IBPS Bank PO Salary Structure 2020 Basic Pay 23,700 Special Allowance 1,836.75 DA 10,163.63 CCA 870 Total (without HRA) 36,570.38 HRA 2133 Gross with HRA 38,703.38
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