Machanical Engineering RTU papers

Mechanical Engineering

All previous Year question Paper of RTU mechanical Engineering is available on our webiste.

All subject of Mechanical Engineering

  1. Advanced Mechanics of Solids
  2. Dynamics of Machine
  3. Fundamentals of Aerodynamics
  4. Heat Transfer
  5. Principles of Turbomachines
  6. Design of Machine Elements-II
  7. Hydraulic Machines And Hydroelectric Power Plant
  8. I.C. Engines And Diesel Power Plant
  9. Manufacturing Science And Technology
  10. Noise, Vibration And Harshness
  11. Numerical Methods And Applied Statistics
  12. Measurement and Metrology
  13. Quality Assurance and Reliability
  14. Vibration Engineering
  15. ME Advanced Engineering Mathematics
  16. Engineering Thermodynamics
  17. Manufacturing Processes
  18. Material Science And Engineering
  19. Mechanics of Solids(Old)
  20. ME Object Oriented Programming in C Plus Plus
  21. Automobile Engineering(Old)
  22. Design of Machine Elements-I
  23. Fluid Mechanics
  24. Kinematics of Machines
  25. Machining And Machine Tools
  26. Mechanical Measurements And Control(Old)
  27. Industrial Engineering(New)
  28. I.C. Engines(New)
  29. Computer Aided Design
  30. Operations Research
  31. Product Development And Launching
  32. Steam Turbines And Steam Power Plant
  33. Gas Turbines And Gas Power Plant
  34. Operations Management
  35. Reliability And Maintenance Engineering
  36. Renewable Energy Technology
  37. Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
  38. Sociology and Elements of Economics for Engineers
  39. Finite Element Methods
  40. Turbomachines
  41. CNC Machines
  42. Computer Integrated Manufacturing System
  43. Laws For Engineers
  44. Power Generation

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